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Questions and answers related to glued or torn braces

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Questions and answers about peaked and torn braces

  • Question # 1. Because of what the braces are loosened from the teeth on the second day?

Answer. The reasons for peeling off the braces from the teeth can be varied. Starting from simple non-observance of the maintenance rules of the bracket system to bad gluing material and anything else, but just in case, I will write down the most common causes of peeling off.

Reason # 1 . After the installation of brackets, they usually give or give, as was the case in my case, instructions on how to undergo the correction course of bite correction. In the manual there are certain recommendations for maintenance, feeding with braces, cleaning teeth using brushes and much more. If you do not get this, look at it in this article.

Reason # 2. At the expense of the adhesive material, which glued the braces, there is a logical explanation.

Yes, it may not be of high quality, as many in the reviews write that in the first month almost half of the braces were unstuck. This is probably most likely just because of poor-quality adhesive material.

Of course, all the blame for sloppy service, as in the first month the patient is not yet accustomed to the system, and eats as usual, as used. But is it the right way to eat to break so many braces? And still you need to take into account the fact that the teeth after the pain, especially when exposed to them, and eat already as usual does not work.

So in this case, you can blame the material on which the braces are glued.

Reason # 3. This reason is likely personal. Because it happened to me. I have not even peeled off the brace on the second day, but immediately on the day of installation, in the evening. And the brace did not come off, I tore it myself. It turned out that after installing the bracket system at once on both jaws, my upper teeth were pressed on the very bottom braces. See the photo below.

The tooth on the upper jaw presses on the bracket glued to the lower jaw

I saw it and decided to push it harder. So I tore off the last bracket on the lower jaw. What happened next can be read in the report for the first month of bite correction.

  • Question # 2. The brace on the extreme tooth has come unstuck. Why? What should I do?

Answer. Unpacking brackets on extreme teeth is a very frequent occurrence. This is due to the fact that these teeth we chew food, and therefore the probability of breaking braces from these teeth is very high. Do not be surprised!

An exfoliated extreme brace on the lower jaw.

What to do after the braces have come unstuck? If it is not fixed by any elements and just hangs, and is kept on the arc with the help of a ligature or a lock, then it must be simply removed from the arc and stored until the reception to the orthodontist. If the bracket is in conjunction with the entire system using a rubber elastic chain, or even some additional element, such as a wire. The photo below shows an elastic chain on the teeth, which prevents the extreme braces from peeling off the arc.

Elastic chain on braces

Then to remove anything not necessary, and just make an appointment to the orthodontist.

  • Question # 3. Is it possible the flying braces to put in place?

Response. the Bracket detached from the tooth, to stick is impossible. Whether it's extreme braces or bracket, which is located in the middle of the system.

first, you don't have specifically an adhesive material for poklejki of the bracket. You're not going to glue it with a “super glue of time”?

second, a bracket is glued to the tooth in a certain position and not just at the center. By the way, still need to know where the center of the tooth, and just looking in the mirror will make it very difficult for yourself.

So, the flying bracket can be put in place in the clinic by the orthodontist at the reception.

  • Question # 4. Like stick severed braces?

Response. If you've hit the extreme bracket, then the orthodontist removes about half of the arc, so it does not interfere with cleaning of the tooth from the old adhesive, and attaching the bracket in its place.

Another option — it's when the braces come off somewhere in the middle of the braces. In this case, the orthodontist will likely have to remove the entire arch. And to carry out appropriate procedures.

  • Question # 5. What to do if a bracket fell off with the last tooth?

Response. Watch the issue number No. 2.

  • Question # 6. How to understand become detached the bracket from the last tooth?

Response. to Understand, become detached bracket it is the last tooth just the same, very simple. You can check and find the language carefully so as not to injure the tongue on the edge of a protruding arc. Or look in the mirror, if you see something like this – the photo below.

Unglued braces extreme tooth in the lower jaw

Can be sure - you have detached from a bracket on the last tooth. smile And it would be good if you found it and kept it. If you lost it or swallowed as I 7 months, then maybe you will cost more expensive gluing of the new bracket.

Another case when a bracket falls off not at the edges and in the middle of the braces. In this case, you can take a day or two and not notice it.

  • Question # 7. Come off the bracket, but hanging on the arc. What to do?

Response. First. If a bracket has come unstuck and is hanging on the edge of the arc, i.e., it is extreme on the arc – then read the answer to the question below room # 2

Second case. Unglued is when the bracket is hanging on the arc to be between the glued braces. In this case, you need to make an appointment to the orthodontist, and before the visit to the dentist gently to bite or chew your food the place where unglued braces, as it is likely to disrupt neighboring braces or pull out the arc of the adjacent braces.

  • Question # 8. It seems to us that the bracket at the front has come unstuck. How to know for sure?

Response. you just Need to try lightly pressure finger on this bracket. If you feel or visually see the slight offset of the bracket, even a fraction of a millimeter – all it means is peeled off, and is not involved in the malocclusion. You can call and make an appointment at the clinic.

And be sure to read the answers to the questions No. 2 and No. 7.

  • Question # 9. How long can you go with unglued the bracket and protruding arc?

Response. the smaller the better. There can be different changes. I used to go and a week and a fortnight, but it ended a little positive. Details better to read the reports for the 7th month of treatment, you'll understand immediately how long can you go with unglued the bracket and protruding arc.

  • Question 10. Detached extreme braces on the upper arch. What to do?

Response. I note that this is a rare case when unstuck braces in the upper jaw. But in any case you need to do as if you come off the bracket on the lower jaw. Look at the answers to the question No. 2.

I Hope you found the answer to your question. If not, ask it in the comments below. We will respond to.

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