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What is Forex and how can this be understood

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What is Forex Money?

Many ask this question - What is Forex Money? And in general, what is Forex? How do they earn it? Why is it cool?

Well first of all, there is no money, in the sense of it, but it's just money, only in electronic form. So this is not entirely correct. A zazhravshisya trader or investor would have ridden over such a question, and thought to himself - "HA-HA, he does not know what Forex is."

Forex is the world financial market. To be exact, it is an electronic, trade, currency market for the exchange of currencies of different countries of the world.

In the Forex market, currencies of different countries are traded, and you can also trade in precious metals, shares of large and influential Western companies, oil, futures, index shares, etc. But basically in the Forex market the trade in financial pairs predominates, that is, buying and selling the currency of one country for another.

How to make money on the Forex market

The question "how to make money on the Forex market?" can be rephrased in a different way - "How to make money on Forex?", "How to trade in the Forex market?" or "How to make money by exchanging currencies in the Forex market?"

We will not chew the water, but we will go straight to the answer.

We must first understand the main thing:

  • Do not hurry, be patient.
  • In the beginning, you have to trade in a demo account. (no different from the real one)
  • Do not be greedy!

To the above is a good saying -

"Quietly you go - further you will be!"

And not in vain!

So how do you trade or earn on this mystical market?

To begin with we look to ourselves in a purse. Well, how is it there? Much money? Yes? Really. Oh, it's just wonderful! What a happy man you are. Like me!

Now take this money and transfer it to your bank card. Do not have a bank card? Alie garage, the 21st century outside the window. When there is a bank card - it is very convenient. Forward to the bank! Everything, descended, formalized or ordered, does not matter? Excellent! Soon they will give it to you. Well vsmysle you will say when it comes to the bank. It will be about a week. Well, for now read on and admire the money in your wallet.

After you are ready as you receive a bank card, throw in on it the money you were looking at now. And you need to put money not like in the photo below, but you need to go to the bank or to an ATM, they (ATMs) are usually also in banks.

Money on a bank card.

Or, when you receive a card, ask the bank employee how I do not remember him there, I have credited to you on your new card the amount that you will give him. And he will do it with pleasure.

All, now you have a bank card with the money credited to it. And now you can pay it where it's allowed, well now it's almost everywhere. Congratulations, you are a man of the 21st century. That's great, huh? Незачто.

Here we are at home, and we are eager to try to make money on Forex. We have a bank card with the money credited to it, a computer with an Internet connection is available. And now we need a program for the computer, through which we will trade and earn money on the currency exchange (forex). This program is called - metatrader trading terminal.

You can download the metatrader from a forex broker. Forex brokers are fiz. or legal entities, through which just traded on the currency exchange. In the common people they are also called dealing centers. They are checked by state bodies and public enterprises, and already on the basis of appropriate licenses can engage in this activity.

Something I went into a legitimate topic. It is necessary to get out of it. Where did we leave off? So, we need to download the metatrader terminal from the broker. My advice is the InstaForex broker. I started with him and with the help of their partner program I earned my first 600 dollars, more precisely not 600, but 400, because I invested $ 200, you can say I invested, and 400 earned already. And this is for two days. Can you imagine? There were such emotions. But this is not now, a separate article will be.

So I downloaded and installed how to do this, I detailed the instructions in this article. We pass, read, we do!

Have you downloaded it? Installed? Now open a demo account. Why demo account? Yes, because you have to start with this always, do not hurry to immediately trade real money. And then start smoking))). How to open a demo account read here.

Have you opened an account? Choose some currency pair, it does not matter, but usually a very popular euro/dollar pair. before you open a window with a schedule. Approximately it will look like this:

Open window of the euro/dollar pair in the terminal metatrader 4

We try to open an order of a certain rate for raising or lowering the price of a particular currency. Orders are also called currency transactions. Here you are, for example, opened a warrant/deal on raising and in real time observe what currency is becoming impotent, and which is becoming more expensive.

In fact, investing money in forex, selling and buying there currency is very easy, you can not imagine how this is simply done. But raspopryazhzhatsya finances, that is, buy or sell a particular currency, a much more interesting occupation if you know how to do it.

To make real money in the market, you need to open a real account, and credit some amount to it. I started with 5000 rubles or from 100 dollars. Usually real dollar accounts, so when you transfer money, there will be an automatic online exchange-transfer into a dollar currency.

And we can also open and close orders, only then you will either earn money or your transaction will take money from you.

So making money on Forex is not so difficult if you know where the price goes.

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