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What is an adviser (robot, expert) for automatic trading with mt4

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It's no secret that on the Forex currency market you can earn on autopilot, and you can control the process of trade yourself. This process of trading is quite simple at the expense of trading robots. Someone calls trading robots - advisors, trading scripts, experts, programs for automatic trading in the Forex market.

At the moment, a lot of traders use advisers.

[quote] Forex robot, trading robot, advisor, expert for trading terminal, trading system - all this is a file or files with the algorithm written in them for automatic trading in the forex market, making forex earnings on autopilot. [/ quote]

But basically everyone uses such term as adviser, expert, trading robot.

What is a trading robot, an expert, an advisor for earning on autopilot

What is a Forex expert, an advisor, a trading robot?

It's a folder with files or just one file, or a group of files that the program uses, this program is called a trading terminal (metatrader). This is a common program to trade in the Forex market both in automatic mode using the trading robot - advisor, and in manual mode. In manual mode - this is when you decide when, in which direction and how much of a lot to open a deal - an order.

This program is installed in the same way as various other programs, such as Skype, Opera, Smile Firefox, Google Chrome and so on. If you do not know how to install a trading terminal. On this page there is a corresponding video instruction - it's called "Installing the InstaTrader terminal".

Video installation instruction for the trading terminal.

Below are examples of screenshots of how advisors for automatic trading can look. Trading robot files can be of different extensions, usually .ex4 and .mq4

Several files of the trading robot with the extension ex4.

Trading robot file with the extension mq4.

In order for the trading terminal to trade in automatic mode, you need to copy the file of the trading robot (Expert Advisor, Expert, Trading System) to the folder with the trading terminal installed. Where and in which folder you want to copy the file of the trading robot you can also find and see the corresponding video instruction on this page. The instruction is called "Installing and starting the robot". A-P - this is the so-called one of the trading robots for automatic trading in the forex market.

Video instruction how to install a trading robot, Expert Advisor, Expert in the trading terminal

As a result, it turns out that the installation of a trading terminal with a trading robot installed in it (an advisor, an expert), set up and running for automatic trading, is earnings on autopilot.

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