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The first month with braces: results that it is like brushing your teeth. What to do if my teeth hurt, come off the bracket, fell off the ligature

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Dear brittaney, or those who are going to put in this system. Yes, it is more likely for those who are going to put the braces. Most interested in is the first month and everything associated with it. And especially many people wonder how much a toothache after installation, and much more which I will mention.

In this article we will focus on the braces after a month of wear. What happens after installation and what can happen in this first month. I will tell you how the alleged need to monitor your teeth and what habits begin to produce instantly. What you can eat and what is not installed braces. What I did not realize, and what bad happened in my case.

So the article is not just about the results of the first month in terms of visual changes to teeth, but much more useful, that will be useful to you.

What to do after installing the braces: what you can eat, what not to eat, how to brush, if you have a toothache, and what to do if you come unstuck and bracket flew ligature

After the whole installation procedure of braces you will receive a list of recommendations for their care and maintenance. It all starts with the different dental instruments. These tools include a special toothbrush and two small bottle brush, which are mounted in a special holder for easy brushing. All this was allegedly present for the installation of braces – a marketing ploy.

Toothbrush for brushing teeth with braces

Toothbrush – it is special because it has a V-shaped recess in the bristle and medium stiffness. And saying that we should only use this brush with soft or medium degree of hardness. But I'm not used to such weak brushes, I brush my teeth with a stiff brush, then I have my personal positive medical reasons and proven facts. More on that later.

V-shaped brush for cleaning teeth with braces

V-shaped brush for cleaning teeth with braces

In General, I thought brushing your teeth with the help of this V-shaped medium and hard brushes are not very effective. And I began to clean his teeth with a regular brush to which I was accustomed. And nothing bad happened. But if you brush and floss your teeth medium or soft hardness, then you will like recommended V-shaped brush.

a Stiff brush provides a more intense effect on the gums and massaging them. I do not remember when and where, I read that the more powerful effect on the gums promotes good blood circulation and deliver necessary nutrients and minerals to teeth, and strengthens them in terms of bleeding. Yes, and in fact I rarely notice damage and blood when brushing your teeth.

Brushes to clean teeth with braces

Now, about the brushes-don't know what teeth or what kind of food these brushes need to be cleaned out, but a regular brush perfectly done. And for the brushes and a service manual braces these brushes. By the way, the brushes in the kit is two pieces, but I'm one lost.

Brush teeth with braces

Brush teeth with braces complete with holder

How to brush teeth with braces, special brushes

In fact, complete care instructions for braces-system is much larger and we consider below. And Yes, it is a lot of interesting things, and as I understand it, and experimented, much of this instruction can be deleted, or make the footnotes, and to add some amendments. But first, let's take a closer look at what the user manual shows how to brush teeth with braces.

instructions how to brush teeth with braces.

And we see, in my opinion, well, unrealistic procedure. You will understand when you try to brush your teeth between braces brush. From this statement it is only necessary to take concepts such as: 45 degrees, 3 minutes, 10 times, the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth.

That is, brush your teeth with braces teeth as usual – time 3-5 minutes, with inner and outer surfaces. Only the outer surface, where the braces, brush at an angle of 45 degrees, to clean between braces, the space, as shown in the photo below. And of course don't forget to rinse.

How to brush teeth with braces-systemHow to brush teeth with braces-systemHow to brush teeth with braces-systemHow to brush teeth with braces-system

What kind of toothpaste to brush teeth with braces

Equally important, I would even say very important – Which toothpaste to brush your teeth with braces? After seeing the orthodontist and installation of the system will assign you the right toothpaste. It all depends on the state of your teeth. In most cases, if a person is all right with the enamel on the teeth. He prescribed toothpaste with fluoride.

For me I fared a little bad, as I have no enamel on the teeth. I was assigned a toothpaste without fluoride. And by the way, in dentistry you will offer the firm the paste, with which they have a contract, in General, pasta sponsor. Small correction, they were supposed to be recommend the pasta, not to assign.

I was offered the pasta, which I've already all eyes zamusolili on TV. In General, I'm not thinking, I determined what I needed toothpaste-without fluoride, and that restores enamel. Ran through pharmacies and shops, read, found, bought, all!

Important: if you have no enamel on the teeth, then choose paste restoring the enamel, and not remineralizing teeth. Remineralization is the saturation and strengthening the enamel. And if you have no enamel, and then saturating it, we need first to recover.

Braces: what you can eat and what is not

Everyone asked this question, or the doctor, or the Internet when he was about to put braces – What you can eat and what not? The answer to this question you can learn from the orthodontist, or looking in the manual, or me, a man who tested what can you eat after the installation of the braces.

The Orthodontist will tell you all the instructions and most likely will add that you need to stop to eat sweet, hard to eat less alcoholic beverages and to stop Smoking. This is very good advice and they need to be guided and without braces.

Sweet impossible because it affects the teeth as a whole. But I will say this – once a week I think it can be something your favorite soft candy, or cake to eat, but this sweet was soft. I abruptly covered - ate Sladkoe not more than once a week. Yes, break the rules… rebellious. smile

a Solid is impossible because you simply can break the braces, well, not all of course, but two or three braces will definitely come unstuck. About how and what I have come unstuck braces I will describe later.

Alcohol is not, or rather not recommended, due to the fact that it causes damage throughout the body, slows down all its processes, including restorative and healing. At that time, as the braces constantly provide a certain pressure and rotation of the teeth, the roots in the root hole (this is why we feel pain in teeth when the braces). The alcohol will slow the healing process of tooth roots in the hole.

Want to know can I smoke with braces? Yes, you can, but keep in mind a few things, even though they are not significant and not very important. The smoke of the ligature of braces will be painted in the appropriate color, and to lose its engineering properties-elasticity, strength, etc. Oh and you will stink breath, you are more likely to start getting sick of Smoking relevant diseases and so on, and you will die 10-20 years prematurely for an elderly person.

This is something that can tell orthodontist. Quote about tobacco is my reasoning.

And now quickly according to instructions. And order each item with the withdrawal and retraction.

instructions for care of dental braces

The instructions show us that we can:

What not to eat with an established bracket system

Chewing gum-chewing gum, Yes, it is not convenient to chew on, she crawls between braces and clings to them, in General will not eat. While chewing, your teeth can and try I did. Just had to freshen

Caramel, Snickers, lollipops, toffees, ice, whole apples, carrots, popcorn, chips, crackers, bagels, nuts – all of us hard and with this we will definitely acclaim his braces. But I for example, eat apples, carrots, and nuts - almonds, peanuts, walnuts. It's just useful vitamin products.

I clean the Apples peeled, core and seeds. Cut into small cubes. And don't bite their front teeth, and chew their chewing teeth, with no braces. That's all.

Pictures of apples

Carrots rubbed on a fine grater. The smaller, not square strips. And also well chewed.


I just ground Peanuts in a blender. And so too, quietly eat.

Photo ground peanuts

I really don't know why they wrote the ice cubes. Does anyone likes to chew on ice… so what to do -

“Pencils and pens to chew on”. This is the force with which it is necessary to dig into a pencil so that he could get to the bracket? In General, do not gnaw, it is not necessary, there are germs on it, and suddenly you someone else gnawed. In my case it's the cat, chewing on pens, remotes, flowers, and so on.

Watch what we write in red, and red tell us that do not eat foods that have pigment. Pigment – food coloring is what gives color to the teeth. Ever tried the game, after the blue language then, or beet-red from her. This is the pigmentation. Coffee, tea, give brown plaque teeth, which negatively affects the ligatures and material on which is bonded the braces.

About Cola, Pepsi, and any highly cheap drinks I generally keep quiet. Remember what effect they give – scrapie teeth become more white. And if you mix coke with brandy – so do Shine, though the dentist did not go. Understand what a devastating effect on tooth enamel gives a highly alcohol and beverages.

Important point: do not interchange the fast food of different temperature. That is, after cold food, immediately drink hot tea, and so on. Moreover, this has a negative impact on the teeth, but will have a devastating effect on the adhesive for the braces. And they will come unstuck.

And now for even more sensitive topics: pain in your teeth when the braces, and what to do if you come off the bracket on the last tooth. But in addition tells what to do if you slipped or partially slipped ligature from the bracket. Yeah, that's all I had for the first month.

Pain in the teeth when the braces

As soon As you start to wear braces ligatures, that is, to make the activation or commit is called, about the process I described in detail in this article. Once you put on two or three teeth ligature, you are going to feel the pressure or tension of some kind, not pain. This is normal, a little unusual, and I want to clench my teeth to relieve this pressure.

After installation, the doctor said to buy pain pills, because tomorrow or day after tomorrow will be the pain of the braces.

- What a pain, tolerable, or to install seals or drilling? – I ask, a little Acqua.

- Can be either way. – he says with a smile.

click OK. – I felt better because I realized that it may be 50/50. I just don't like all sorts of pills to take, especially painkillers. But if you just hurt, do not tolerate it and it is better to take.

After the installation I decided pills not to buy. Came home, called a friend, about which he wrote in the article about install braces. And he's a serious man, it is easy to understand when joking and when he's not lying. The dialogue was as follows:

- I his braces put. My doctor told me to purchase the pills. You got the as it was, the teeth sore after the installation? The pain was tolerable? The pills he took?

Oh, brother, the fellow that put, you will not regret in the end. And the pain was hellish, pills, I did. – he said it calmly and with a positive tone.

- seriously? Direct very much it was painful? – almost squeaky voice I asked.

- Yes, I BL.., all remembered and hated the doctor and the clinic, all cursed. Even began to regret that he set them, wanted to go to remove these brackets. – persistently and menacingly he said, even in a raised voice.

Holy shit! - calmly and thoughtfully I said.

You're my mom, don't touch. - quietly he said to me.

We Talked with him, and I decided, if tomorrow I will be incredibly sore teeth, I'm buying painkillers.

the next day, the teeth almost sick, but something is. Eat normally without any pain effects. I began to think that it only accelerates the pain, because the doctor said that the pain may be felt 2-3 days after installation. The next day the pain is the same – in General, neither there nor here. On the third day – the pain subsides, or maybe I'm already used to it started. In General day after day the pain was completely gone in less than a week.

And from this we can answer the question that interests many & ndash; How much my teeth hurt after braces? My answer is – an average of 1 week, but if you take into account my second month with braces, this period can be extended, because the pain is not over. Yes, every month a new pain, a new sensation. Second month for me was more interesting.

In General, pain in the teeth in the first month I did it without the pills. And my friend and my doctor-orthodontist more on horror caught up to me, frightened to death. When I pain told the doctor, I asked him-Why don't my teeth hurt after braces? He said that this is due to the level of the pain threshold of the person. Naerno we can say that lucky.

Well, we can say that with pain in your teeth when the braces we superficially understood. Why superficial? Because you need to take into consideration other factors. Because cases of malocclusion are different.


Pravilny occlusion before and after treatment the braces.

Then I think we can assume that the pain will continue until the arc is more or less pull the teeth into a proper range. But it is individual cases and must be consulted with the orthodontist.

What to do if you come off the bracket on the last tooth

This happens because these latest extreme braces glue on teeth, which we razzhevyvat food. And so the possibility to rip these braces is very high. This is not surprising. I have this extreme braces tore himself in that same day when I installed the braces.

The fact that when I was all set, I immediately felt that the upper teeth are related to the last bracket on the bottom jaw and putting pressure on him. This can be seen in the photo. It seems that the top teeth touch the bottom of the bracket, but it is not so. I'm talking about, this nuance is not told the doctor, and feel immediately after installation, even when sitting in the dental chair. It was necessary immediately to tell him about this problem with the last bracket, but did not think and did not say anything, and he asked me. In General, both admitted the defect.

Why come off the bracket on the last tooth.

Ask why it happened? Wrong braces stuck? No, that's right, it just happened, well maybe because my teeth are short, I ate them. But I ate them because time does not put a bracket system. Be sure to read about it in this article, in the beginning of the article said to know and not to pull with malocclusion.

So, we already know that immediately after installing on the teeth applies pressure. There is no pain, but I want to close the teeth, put a smile from ear to ear, as if trying to stretch and pull the jaw forward to ease the tension. By the way, this technique with a smile even helps, the voltage briefly drops. Go all day grinning like a fool.

Well, it's okay, I was also bothered that I'm pushing the teeth on the bracket. And the strongest muscle in the human body what? Right! It's jaw. So I pressed a little harder on the bracket. What can I say, experiment. By the way, it seems even not strongly-that and pushed. Anyway, all braces come off, but is still on the arc.

What to do? Calmly, without panic! Just call stomatologie and make an appointment, say that you have a bracket come off. Appoint reception days, and it may not be today and not for tomorrow.

But what to do with unglued Brackett? At first I thought it off with the arc, but if I remove them, then it will stick out half an inch of the arc and dig into the inner side of the cheeks. And I decided not to remove the bracket from the arc – let hanging on her. And here I was stupid, because you never know if the night I somehow pulled off the arc. Well if I could spit, but could swallow. This is no joke. But thank God, woke up this morning – the bracket in place.

Went to the orthodontist, he put a new bracket, and maybe the same, I wasn't looking. Only now, that I did not press the upper teeth on the bracket, he put on two teeth material like seals, they call it overlays, well at least not spacers. The photo clearly shows these pads, very inconvenient thing that allows you to fully close his jaw.

teeth not meshed jawsNot closed jaws because of the overlap.

And if you need to chew some food I have to do these plates. And it is very uncomfortable, but possible.

the Conclusion from this is: after installing the brackets, check how you have the jaws snap shut, to avoid such a case like mine.

If you fell off or partially peeled ligature with the braces

If you have installed the actual brackets, then, as there is a likelihood that can poletti alloys with braces. This can occur due to roughage (in my case). Not exactly sure, but I think it made a crust of bread.

the First month of braces is the time when you after every meal brush your teeth. Not with toothpaste, but just a bare brush to clean out the remnants of food that get stuck between the braces and dostavljajut discomfort you direct will chuvstvuesh and try first language there is something podkagernoe, water rinse, but all the same something remains, and it is necessary to clean out the remnants with a brush. I would say that it is even helpful habit. And after each cleaning check teeth in front of the mirror. And by the way of the habit in the guests begin to go out with my toothbrush, as I rarely get to rinse the teeth to dislodge food debris between braces.

And after another teeth cleaning and inspection, notice two brackets oddly wearing alloys. Closely, and I understand that two of the four braces on braces got off the ligature, that is, half (photograph was asobrain). If you have forgotten, let me remind you, on the bracket there are four hook brackets or wings they are called, into which or for which the start (hooked) ligature. That is, the bracket does not work, does not put pressure on the tooth even if one is not wearing a ligature. The illustration and my unglued braces closeup.

a drawing of a bracket with a description.

Bracket with antennae and a plastic ligature.Bracket with antennae and a plastic ligature. (reverse side)

Alloys & ndash; is rubber material, very tight. I think you saw what a tool the orthodontists put them on your braces. It's not tongs, not tweezers, it's a big sharp curved needle.

Tool for donning the ligature.

So, two ligatures were half off. And anything similar to this tool I found. Across only the spokes, but the spokes are too stupid and thick ends. Them inconvenient and difficult to hook the ligature, and even more so to have her for the clip-wing. Help came from women. You can not imagine what you can find in the ladies purse, it's dope, it's a mini kit beginner murderers. With the help & how cosmetics can a person break up into small pieces with scissors, different pinacolada sort capillaries, vessels, veins, etc.

I rummaged in the purse, what first saw thin and sharp, and used. And then in about 10-15 minutes.  tried to put alloys with nail scissors. But you can find something comfortable.

Cosmetic scissors that I put on the ligature.

The Whole story I told my orthodontist. Then he said that it is better in such cases to make an appointment. Because I could easily break the ligature. Well, of course I would make an appointment if I didn't work out. And so, all went well and without unnecessary movements in dentistry.

Well, we will summarize the results of the first, or one month. Because it is not the fact that everyone has so much to happen from one month after the installation of the braces.

Results and the results of one month with braces

The Result in visual terms I noticed if you look at the ends of the teeth. That's how they looked once I installed the braces.

a lower jaw with dental braces

And here's how they look after a month of wearing braces, no Lido supporting elements (springs, latex rubber bands, rods). That is, the braces were only the arc and the ligature, and nothing more.

the lower jaw with the braces in a month. Result.

As you can see, the difference is noticeable even to the naked eye. You know what happened? Braces scrolled teeth clockwise. If I had read this article before installing the braces, I would be horrified, but actually it's not scary. All can be fixed, the pain can drown out the painkillers; that there was no pain when chewing - at first to eat liquid and soft food; the ligature can be corrected without orthodontist; well, unglued braces will have to glue in dentistry. All fixable!

Total price for the first month

After the first month, when it came to the inspection, I removed the alloys and put on or pulled on so-called coil spring, it just did them in the photo above. That is, these springs replace the alloys and now the whole second month they will fix the arch in the braces. So that's something! The results of these springs and what they did to my teeth, read this article. For the price this service cost me 1,100 rubles.

So, my first month with braces was I would say very intense. A lot has happened, but what I was really afraid – never happened. More precisely happened, but not how I expected it. And now I know how much my teeth hurt after braces, and you know why not a toothache after installation, and much more.

These are the results showed braces for the first month. I will be glad if the information provided helped you or something you are enlightened. Visit my blog read my articles, ask questions in the comments. Subscribe to learn about new articles. I will be glad if you share this article in your social networ k, simply choose your button below.

All the while, read or wait for the next article monthly brittoniana. Smile bigger! No, don't smile. Imagine what your ugly smile if you have a malocclusion or you wear

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