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2 months with braces: put an elastic chain, severe pain and results

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New report and new emotions. Remember I talked about the results of the first month that they were very good and the differences can be seen with the naked eye. The second month showed also good results, but to see them a little difficult, but I felt fine.

Element and a new sensation

First things first: As we already know, the monthly hikes mean the replacement of ligatures and in rare cases replacement of the arcs. Replacement of ligatures – unless of course you are ligature braces, if you have self-ligating system, then things could be a little bit different.

So, I thought that I just change the alloys and all. But no, I instead put ligatures, elastic chain. We can say that it's alloys joined together in a chain. One chain on each jaw. To help you understand what it is and do not fantasize, see photo.

Elastic chains on braces.

If we arc aligns the teeth height and rotate them in the correct position, this elastic chain collects teeth in the bunch. Yes, a bit rough said, but the way it is. If you have the distance between the teeth, then it's likely you'll put these chains.

Are they the same as the alloys – not fast and not long. Immediately felt the tension. And the next day teeth ached as they say - be healthy. The pain was more tangible in contrast to the first month, when only put braces. The pain endured, did not take pain pills, the next day is not toothache.

Eat naturally it was painful, to bite the front teeth, chewing teeth – everywhere hurt. Have to settle for a bland meal – soups, borsice, cereals, etc..

Most Importantly, try not to focus on the pain, try to distract, to do something, and so on. One was a slightly different case or pain lasted a long time, write in the comments, tell us what helped you? How to cope with the pain? All will be useful.

Caring for braces with chains

Keep and care for such a construction in the mouth is not very convenient. When installed, these elastic chain harder to clean up leftover food, as it produces a lot of difficult holes available separately.

When braces without chains - then the food gets stuck just between arc and teeth. And clean up food quite easily even you can simply rinse with water. And when installing this elastic chain is then further formed small gaps between arc, and this chain. And that of these crevices difficult to clean out food debris.

Perhaps because of this, can cause unpleasant mouth odor. Many people ask why braces stink. So you know - It's not the braces stink, but neticesinde remnants of food are rotting.

How to care for braces with elastic chains? Just a thorough rinse and scrub with a toothbrush and use brushes, which is used in the service of braces.

Results of the second month

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the teeth before visiting the orthodontist, but it's not scary. Since the difference was hard to miss. But there was one moment which showed that the teeth are closer together and tighter to each other. And because of this the ends of the arcs of the outermost braces of steel stick out by 1-2 mm. That is, they got beyond the braces and the tongue to pierce or prick about them. And this is a no, but an indicator. So the chain did the trick.


Overall, the second month without any incidents, although no direct before taking to the orthodontist, literally 3 hours before the party had scrambled eggs with bacon. You know, fat is with skin. And when the fat is roasted, the skin becomes hard. So I never thought to cut it, and even though he knew that it burned and became hard.

In General, two of the bracket I broke. One on the last tooth and the one on the Fang. On account of the fact that I lost them, I wasn't worried. Because they have nowhere to go, they stay on elastic chain. And the last bracket you can lose easy and it can be very dangerous – look what happened to seven months.

I Will finish, I hope you do something for yourself have learned from this report. Comments of course are welcome. Read the report and the results of the third month. All the while!


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