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New elastic bands - rabbits, old arcs, a dangerous idea and what not to do, the cost and results for the 6th month

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That's it! Sixth month with braces – half a year. Earlier, it was necessary to put this hard labor on my teeth before, and not in my youth. Although, what am I complaining about? I'm already used to them. As a native steel. That would be more braces did not get unstuck almost every month, and it would be great. Well, let's start the report!

Waiting for the replacement of arches for brackets

The beginning of the sixth month: reception at the orthodontist. I again expect new arcs, I'm already sure that I will be replaced by the old ones. The second pair I carry already 3-rd month, it's time to change already. Because it is promised everywhere, on all dental sites, in all dental clinics they say that according to the "orthodontic custom" one pair of arches are on average 2 months old, and in the future it is replaced.

So that's it! Shish with butter to me, not new arches. Of course, they told me not exactly, but the context was clear. According to the orthodontist, for new arcs, space , which is between the front teeth of the upper and lower jaws, is smaller . And it's not small.

The space between the dentition.

a New elastic bands for braces

Said that we need to continue to wear traction. And me instead of the new arcs has awarded new rods. If you remember, 5th month I was given traction for braces with the image on the package “Fox”. This time I received “rabbit”. It's funny when the hospital staff communicates using those terms. Although I have not heard that said “rabbit”, is usually said “Bunny”.

- What are You elastic bands to pass, foxes or bunnies?

- Last time was chanterelles, right?

Elastic bands, which depicts the “Bunny” in size is slightly smaller rods with the image “Fox”. Consequently, the tension they will give more. And thanks to this shift linkage accelerates the healing process.

Flexible traction for braces Fox and Rabbit.

Ask why not immediately given rabbits? I think so - not to be fooled by pain. Read about the 5th month, and that I thought about "chanterelles » when I started wearing them."

I remove the gap between the teeth of the upper and lower rows

Warning, do not do this yourself.

As the orthodontist told me, you need to get rid of the gap between your teeth, and continue to wear traction the way you used to. I began to look closely at why this gap might be reduced because of this arrangement of links. I did not come to any particular conclusion, but there's something in my head » I was told that you can speed up the elimination of this gap.

I began to experiment with math knowledge of mathematics, geometry, and physics. Since I saved the used links, the chanterelle » decided to use them again.

If you look at the photo above, you can see that the gap between the teeth is not symmetrical, that is, on the right side it is clear that it is larger. And from the distance between the arcs, you can see that on the right they are more divergent . After about 10 days, I began to add to the whole traction design additional traction. For about a week I was like this: look at the photo below.

I add one craving to reduce the spacing between the teeth.

Then 2-3 days I tried to be like this: see the photo below.

I add more traction to eliminate the space between the dentition.

Tell me, what is this tin, and in addition the bracket has come unstuck? Yes, even the brace has come unstuck! And I was able to paste it almost in half a month, since I left very far from the city. But this is not very scary, the main elastic bands. As I said, I did not bother pulling this way for long, because I do not do anything wrong, and to my detriment. And I decided to finish with this experiment.


First result – this is how the jaws moved relative to each other. From the fifth month I began to wear traction to push the lower jaw back, and push the upper forward. They said that it was so necessary. Well it is necessary - so it is necessary! I'll wear it!

The result of two months of braces with traction.

Judging by the photo, changes are present. The main thing is that in the end I did not look like a Neanderthal man. : grin:

Below is the result of how the space between the jaws decreased.

The result of how the space between the dentition (jaws)

The result in full-face is very noticeable. Here I am more than sure that my experiments with drafts affected this. But once again I will repeat. I've read something after these experiments, and remember my recommendation.

You can not add traction yourself, and increase the tension force without recommending an orthodontist.

You will likely hurt yourself than accelerate treatment of malocclusion.


The Cost of all treatments this month, the same as for the previous.

  • Price rods (elastics) - 500 rubles
  • Price of ligatures – 112 ruble
  • Installation cost of the ligatures on braces (activation) – 1110 rubles

The Total cost plus a discount – 1550 rubles. Don't believe? Please watch!

Prices and total cost of maintenance of the bracket system for the 6th month.


The summary of the 6th month with braces:

  1. Waiting for new arcs – not changed.
  2. Ligatures have been changed.
  3. Got new traction – rabbits.
  4. Half a month passed with a torn off brace.
  5. Self added elastic bands – Do not do this!

Have questions? Be sure to ask in the comments! Dental specialists can express any acceptable criticism, or give advice, etc.

We are waiting and reading the next report for the 7th month. Until then, crooked readers!

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