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The seventh month with braces has passed. There was a lot of that unpleasant. Starting with the pain from the stitched bracket, continuing with three peeled braces, ending with swallowing one of them and a couple more unpleasant moments. Do you want this to happen to you? No? Then I strongly recommend that you finish reading.
That's it! Sixth month with braces – half a year. Earlier, it was necessary to put this hard labor on my teeth before, and not in my youth. Although, what am I complaining about? I'm already used to them. As a native steel. That would be more braces did not get unstuck almost every month, and it would be great. Well, let's start the report!
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Greetings to all observers for correcting the wrong bite. As always, the patient Alik with his crooked teeth, and the ligature bracket system, which I had already been with for 5 months, was on call. And on this occasion you need to make a report. The month was not easy, new adaptations, fresh pain, bad transparent ligatures, and torn braces. Forward!
The Fourth month, and of course the fourth report. It will be my erroneous assumption about the treatment of malocclusion. Tell me more about that saves me from breaking braces extreme teeth. View very interesting results and find out the cost of monthly works. To see how fulfilled my wish.
Hello dear readers. Hosted the third month with braces and I wanted to share the incredible events that occurred during this period, what a stunning result in the end result and many other big moments. Be sure to read this report entirely.
New report and new emotions. Remember I talked about the results of the first month that they were very good and the differences can be seen with the naked eye. The second month showed also good results, but to see them a little difficult, but I felt fine.
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Dear brittaney, or those who are going to put in this system. Yes, it is more likely for those who are going to put the braces. Most interested in is the first month and everything associated with it. And especially many people wonder how much a toothache after installation, and much more which I will mention.