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What to do if three were unstuck, one swallowed, the results and cost - the 7th month with braces

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The seventh month with braces has passed. There was a lot of that unpleasant. Starting with the pain from the stitched bracket, continuing with three peeled braces, ending with swallowing one of them and a couple more unpleasant moments. Do you want this to happen to you? No? Then I strongly recommend that you finish reading.

Replacing arcs on the bracket system

Once again, Dougie was "according to custom" the average change every two months. First and second month I passed with one pair of arcs third month I changed arc. And now was the sixth month, and of course I'm pretty sure on the big update in the seventh a new pair of arcs.

But I got hit once “NO!”. what is wrong? this is way too awkward, but hoped so.

Why can not put new arcs on the braces.

In the opinion of the orthodontist, the state and position of my teeth is not yet ready to replace the arches. Doing nothing, not ready – then it's not ready. He knows better!

again, instead of a new pair of arcs I received a new package of elastic rubber bands (elastics) - elastic headband all the same, rabbit. To wear as well as in fifth and the sixth month. To push the lower jaw back.

Elastic bands on braces to push the lower jaw back.

Pain from glued braces and what to do if the braces are unstuck

Read the report of the 6th month? If so, then you know that I went through the rest of the month with a brace of more than 10 days . During this time, there were corresponding changes in the correction of bite, and at the beginning of this month at the reception with an orthodontist I was stuck. It turned out like this:

A glued outer brace on the lower jaw.

As you can see, the position of the tooth during this time has changed very much. Or most likely the position of the dentition with braces has changed with respect to the tooth. Looking at the curve of the arc, you can understand that it is much lower in relation to the entire bracket system. Therefore, the arc will begin to lift the tooth, and this, knowing from experience, is not without a painful process.

And now, the day after the braces are fastened, the tooth begins to hurt. Two days could not chew with one side, even the most mild food. Not that I could not, I could, but it was very painful . I'll give a paradoxical comparison: when all the teeth hurt after installation of the bracket system – it's not so painful I perceived, compared to when one tooth hurts. This, I believe, is the most nasty and disgusting point pain, especially when you eat.

So as always advice. I've already repeated it many times, but as they say, a lot of – this is not enough.

The first thing to do if the bracket is uncoupled – it does not tighten with its gluing. Call and make an appointment for your orthodontist.

After this incident, I immediately followed my advice above, because in half a month my brace was again peeled off, and I immediately signed up the next day for a glue. It was only the first time in a month. But as I said, my braces were peeled off three times a month.

Swallowed a brace

Yes, I swallowed the bracelet. Ask how it happened? Do not come by chance to mind the following thoughts?

- Did You swallow it along with food?

- You were so hungry that wanted to eat him? smile

No, nothing like that. It's simple! I went to bed, everything was in place. Before going to bed I counted all the braces.: Grin: I wake up – one does not. What to do? Began to look on the bed. The bed is double, sleeping in the middle. He could not brace it so easily from her fall, and even searched around the bed. So there is only one option left – swallowed . And here instantly in the head is born the thought – « I did not get appendicitis! »

My first thought when I swallowed a brace.

For about five minutes this thought gnawed at me, but then stopped thinking about it. He did not even search the Internet for what to do if he had swallowed a brace. And then suddenly stumble upon the articles, where they will recommend eating some pills so that the bottom tears half a day in the toilet. But about this I'll write an article, I'll study the materials, I'll ask around, and in an article with all the colors and personal opinion I will say.

The third peaked bracelet is on the waiting list. He got unstuck the day after I swallowed the first one. It was easier with this – checked the braces with tongue, whether everything is in place – and his tongue tore it away. But in my justification I will say that he came off easily. The bracket, as it were, was ready to be unstuck. I just helped him. It happens.: Grin:

It is good that the end of the month is more successful. Why? Brackets are peeled off just before the reception to the orthodontist. And it's good, because all these unplanned adventures in dentistry are already somehow fed up. In general, my visit to the orthodontist was without two braces in the mouth, and with one brace in my pocket. And it all looked like this:

The extreme braces on the lower jaw disengaged.


Since now the work of braces and elastic bands goes to the displacement of the jaw, visually the results, to be honest, I can not see. But if you are an orthodontist and can say something on the photo, then there are results in the profile for the sixth month. There, even I understand.

But at the prices of material and the cost of services, it is necessary to calculate necessarily. What, how much is it, what is the price. Everyone likes to count money. Though they say that you can not count other people's money, but still they all count.

We count the money.


So, what have I done, and how much does maintenance of brackets last month? At reception at an orthodontist to me have fastened a bracket, have replaced ligatures, and have given new elastic gums. These are:

  • Replacement of ligatures on both jaws (activation) – 1110 rubles
  • Ligatures – 112 rubles
  • Elastic bands (elastics) – 500 rubles

Total total cost at a discount was – 1550 rubles. Plus, during the month came to the gluing of the bracket. How much does it cost to glue the bracket? Glue braces cost me 100 rubles.

In the end, for the 7th month with braces I gave 1650 rubles. It's normal.


In 7 months my braces managed to peel off more than 7 times for sure. More often this happens with the last teeth on which the braces are placed. I do not know how anyone, but I have it because of the fact that the upper teeth touch the lower braces. At whom the same case, your opinion on the account of it will be very much by the way. So do not be shy and leave please below in the comments.

I do not say goodbye, dear, thank you and me. Are there any questions, tips, complaints? I beg you to the commentator's hut. The 8th month is coming.

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