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Elastic drafts shift jaws, tear off braces, put transparent ligatures, results and cost of the 5th month.

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Greetings to all observers for correcting the wrong bite. As always, the patient Alik with his crooked teeth, and the ligature bracket system, which I had already been with for 5 months, was on call. And on this occasion you need to make a report. The month was not easy, new adaptations, fresh pain, bad transparent ligatures, and torn braces. Forward!

To begin with, I recall the standard instruction that we are rubbed on all dental sites. What do they tell us? We are told that maintenance of the ligature bracket system involves a monthly replacement of the ligatures, and once every two months, the replacement of arcs. Briefly about previous months:

  • The first two months left with one arc, the third month changed the arc. All instructions! Great!
  • The third and fourth month passed with a new arc – according to the instructions, therefore, at the beginning of the fifth month, a fresh arc must be put. Is it logical? Logical!

I, frankly, really wanted a new arc, I was just waiting for the reception to the orthodontist. Since each time put a more rigid pair of arches, and due to this, it affects the dentition more strongly, and corrects the wrong bite. As for me, I would change arcs every month. I now do not know why they are pulling with this?

Okay, if those people whose teeth are not at all in a row, then yes, they can go a little longer with one pair of arcs. Well, my dentition is not so terrible. For example, in the photo below, let's say, a real dental explosion – teeth scattered around the mouth so that you do not wish the enemy. Here, yes, with one pair of arcs need 4 months – 5 walk.

Very irregular bite

Well, I have one, not everything was so terrible initially. Here, look at the photo of my teeth below. Here, just a little vertically, you need to put your teeth, turn them in the root holes clockwise, well, or against. In previous reports, you can see how the braces rotate the teeth. The results are right!

My abnormal bite without braces

So somehow it is! In general, I came in the hope of getting new arcs, and feel a new portion of pain. And always! When I first changed the arches, the next day my teeth ached well. And this is good, even excellent, so the braces system works, and the teeth are displaced by a stiffer arc.

Thrust: what is it, how and how much to wear

So what am I talking about? I came to dentistry for an appointment, but I was suddenly disappointed there, the orthodontist said that it's too early to change the arc, but you need to move the jaws. To be precise, the upper one is to be put forward, and the lower one is to be moved backwards. That's the twist! And instead of arches gives me elastic bands, small rubber rings – thrust . Similar to gum for money, only a few times less. Please take a look.

Flexible pull rod for brackets. Chanterelles.

And these gums – this is exactly what I feared the most. Before putting braces, I naturally ran the Internet on this topic & ndash; articles, pictures, and so on. And I saw a lot of these photos, where the patients braces are in every possible way interwoven with these elastic elastic bands. When I looked at all these photos, immediately came to mind thoughts in the likeness of – what is this nonsense, what is it for, this same tin as uncomfortable. You just take a look. Even scary little.

How to use braces on braces.

But there is nowhere to go, it is necessary - so it is necessary. The orthodontist showed which braces to pull on the thrust to push the top and push the lower jaw. When I put on these tractions, it even became funny. They do not interfere with speaking, there is almost no tension, there is, but minimal. I began to doubt that they would give any effect, but I was very wrong .

How I wore braces on braces.

Already by the evening I feel that my teeth begin to ache a bit. I think, oh, it's good, then these little garbage are working. The next day I was abaldal, the pain intensified so much that I started looking for painkillers. Then I read about these pills, and I decided that I could wait.

But, if the pain is very strong, do not tolerate it. It is better to take the pill. Or try to get distracted by some occupation, start doing something.

The main thing to endure one day, and all the next is not so painful. Even stop noticing the pain, but it will make itself felt after eating, when the teeth begin to bite or chew.

How and how much to wear pull-rods on braces? These thrusts need to be worn around the clock, you can shoot only during meals. And this is what I forgot to do the first two or three weeks – begin to eat I understand that something is interfering. Clearly - I remove traction. I'll eat, I'll rinse my teeth, that's all. Half day passes, I feel that somehow comfortable in my mouth, I understand that I forgot to put on traction. And so often happened.

And if you seriously answer this question, then traction should be worn as the doctor says, and as much as he says . It all depends on your wrong bite and the particular medical case. A new pair of cravings to change twice a day: that is, for example, a couple before bed, a new pair in the morning. If you are a pedant, then you are clearly on schedule, change the thrust at noon and midnight.

The brace was unstuck and not one

From previous reports, it is clear that in addition to the monthly replacement of ligatures, I still have new lining to prevent the upper teeth from pressing on the lower braces. But this time we somehow started talking about the lining and snapped the moment with the overlays. And I did not remind, and the orthodontist did not check. In general, I left dentistry without lining. And already at home I noticed the following picture.

The upper tooth presses on the lower bracket.

TA-da-da-Dan! See that the lining for the previous month already faded, and the tooth reaches down to the bracket. And after about 3 days I tear off the top tooth. It tooth, no food, all of the experiments food was in first month. So the experience is a neat power for four months there, and after eating always check the braces. So the bracket broke not the food.

But as for the first time I do not immediately jerk, and do not hurry to glue to the orthodontist, especially left for a while from the city, and somehow did not hurry back. And the protruding arc did not cause any inconvenience. In general, I got to the reception in 6 days. Remember! Do not do this!

If you have a bracelet unstuck, do not tighten it with the admission to the orthodontist for a gluing.

When a week later I was glued to this bracket, I immediately noticed the following – the tooth without a bracket remained without movement in relation to other teeth in the bracket system. And in the photo it is clearly visible on the curved arc.

A glued outer brace on the lower jaw.

On the same day the tooth began to stagger and there was a tolerable pain, this is due to the fact that the arc began to lift it. You can say that she pulls him out of the root hole, as if trying to snatch. Is that what you feel when you tear out a tooth? That's the same! Do not over tighten with braces!

Half a month passes, on the other side the brace is unstuck. Real fun, damn it. Well, it's kind of on time, because it's soon for a planned appointment to the orthodontist. So glued together with the replacement of ligatures.

Transparent ligatures

Probably already noticed, I decided to experiment this month – asked transparent alloys. Well I have been reading, again, any “any-brettnach" of the dental article. Write about aesthetic invisible braces with clear ligatures, which are almost invisible on the teeth and so on and so forth.

so I decided to put transparent alloys, you never know, might be a neater braces will look. At first, Yes, all very even I liked it, but after 10 days of ligature is very much turned yellow, it can be clearly seen in the photo, where I glued the braces and put a new transparent ligature.

Yellowed transparent ligatures.

You can clearly see the difference. So it looked like something all this is dirty, and this kind is preserved until the end of the month. The next month he asked again for the gray ligatures. It sounds strange, but they somehow like me, even though they give a cumbersome look to the entire bracket system.


Since now we have to look at the results a bit differently, now we need to observe the displacement of the jaws. And it's difficult to compare, and I photographed a little wrong, and the final photo turned out to be blurry. But I'll still lay out what I have.

This is the result for one month. That is, the beginning of the 5th month and the end.

The result of 5 months with braces.

In general, the result for me is both incomprehensible and understandable. Like there is a shift. Specialists-orthodontists are among the readers? Can you see anything? Please comment in the comments.

The cost of dental services

Well, do we have the same expenses? What do we get for the 5th month? What did we buy and what did they do to us?

  1. One-time material – it's ligatures. The price is 112 rubles.
  2. Elastic rings – thrust. The price is 500 rubles.
  3. Enabling brackets – installation of ligatures on both jaws. The cost is 1110 rubles.

Total: Total cost – 1722 rubles. But if we look at the check, we will see the price of 1550 rubles.

Cost of service 5th month with braces.

I forgot in the previous report to say that I was issued a discount card. I'm a clear guy now!

All this joke-humor, but the card was issued, now there is a discount on the treatment of bite, and not only. Well, what, correctly, marketing, the client is not good to lose. Oh, sorry, I wanted to tell the patient. : smile:


I think everyone will agree that the 5th month turned out to be quite bad. I'm generally upset, I'm sad, I did not give new arcs, I managed to unbutton the braces twice a month. And these are still 100% traction is not pleased.

What do you think? What thoughts in my head? Questions? What is – write in the comments. And do not run away. There will also be reports for the next months. For a long time I do not say goodbye. All for now!

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