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4th month with braces: lining for teeth, results, cost

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The Fourth month, and of course the fourth report. It will be my erroneous assumption about the treatment of malocclusion. Tell me more about that saves me from breaking braces extreme teeth. View very interesting results and find out the cost of monthly works. To see how fulfilled my wish.

The Orthodontist changed the alloys added to the old lining new, and that all treatments ended. But I was counting on elastic chain. Why? To help you understand why I thought that, briefly write out your personal invented treatment plan bite, which I thought in my head, and what logical therapeutic chain built not having medical education, and having engineering.

  1. The First month – it was just the brackets, wires, ligatures.
  2. The Second month – instead of ligatures, elastic chain put, arcs do not change.
  3. Third month – replacement of arcs, and instead of chains, again putting the ligature.
  4. The Fourth month - I therefore thought I would put again the chain instead of ligatures. Well, why not? Logical? Logical!

Why not alternate, as first and second month was great, noticeable even to the naked eye.

But no! No elastic chains, only the replacement of ligatures and new pads. Speaking of overlays.

teeth in order not to disrupt braces

Pads — is a material resembling plaboy, that is, one which put the seal, but it is more fragile. In the past month and it is very quickly worn down, erased, sometimes breaks off. Or rather not sometimes, but almost always for a month, right, and straight pieces break away from the pads.

Overlays that will not allow the upper teeth to push the lower braces.

In these overlays there are plus and minus. Plus is that initially, when only impose fresh pads, I won't have to worry that I will rip extreme braces from the teeth. But, due to the fact that they do not give to tightly contact the teeth, the food you have to slowly chew two teeth, one right and one left. That is, in the chewing involved lining and two teeth.

But as Erasure and destruction overlap, and it happens pretty quickly. More teeth are involved in chewing of food. And with decreasing overlap, the risk of rip braces increases. Looking at the photo you can see that as upper tooth presses on the bottom bracket.

Upper tooth relates to and is wound on the lower bracket.

So you can sign up for an emergency appointment with the orthodontist that he added the lining, or try not to break the bracket before the scheduled appointment.

the results for the 4th month with braces

Let's Start reviewing the results with the upper jaw, watch the double photo and read the comments under it. Top image — that immediately after the installation of the braces, and the bottom – the four-month result.

the Result for 4 months with braces: the upper jaw.

On the top photo if you look good, you can see that the arc is not a smooth line. Shows some curves of the arc. And left sides two extreme braces to be seen, or rather two protruding arc ligatures can be seen that the teeth are not right, or not exactly understand what you want.

And on the bottom photos have no such visible defects malocclusion. At least arc has a smooth line, but the tooth still spun counterclockwise. In General, we will not interfere, let the arc with ligatures on trying. bowtie

Queue lower jaw, the principle consideration is the same as top.

the Result for 4 months with braces: the lower jaw.

Here is really good to see what a bad Abracadabra teeth occurs. Seen what is the shape of an arc, though not visible on half of it, and how strained alloys is not uniform. And in General, well seen what the bite of the teeth. Teeth are not exactly relative rotation around itself.

4 months with braces, and there you are. Smooth arch of a ligature tensioned evenly along the arc defined teeth spun clockwise. The picture is more than pleasing to the eye.

Well now, let's see, so to speak, right in the teeth, two parts. Sorry, no photos of both jaws the first month with set braces. So I'll use photos of the teeth without braces. And for drooling immediately sorry. Because they are difficult to see. smile

the Result for 4 months with braces: both jaws.

That's how I see the result! The teeth have a more upright position, more pronounced symmetrical lower teeth, right side. Jaw in the correct position, unlike the first month where one jaw is offset relative to the other jaw in the opposite direction.

Maybe I something missed, you tell me please. Suddenly an article reading some professional orthodontist and he has noticed any changes. And so, overall, I very pleased.


All I've done is just replaced the ligature, that is, did the activation.

  • The cost of the ligatures. 100.
  • And the activation cost – securing arcs ligatures in braces. 1000.

The total cost 1,100 rubles.

the Cost of ligatures and replace them with brackets.

the Cost of ligatures and replace them with the braces.


To Sum up? It so happened, as ordered in the third month. Remember, I asked that next month was such as third. And lo! Done! 4th, as the 3rd month, was without incident – the lining was excellent, did not allow the upper teeth to rip extreme braces. The results are good.

I Hope this report was informative and you learned something new, and now I understand that can happen with braces during treatment of the malocclusion. Although if you read the first and second report, you already know a lot that can happen, especially the first month I punished well.

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