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The third month with braces: replace the arcs, results, price

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Hello dear readers. Hosted the third month with braces and I wanted to share the incredible events that occurred during this period, what a stunning result in the end result and many other big moments. Be sure to read this report entirely.


The Results for the 3 months with braces very encouraging. Consider two indicators that did braces. The first result of – this can be seen as teeth in the lower jaw began to level off in the upright position. Of course the same thing happens with the upper jaw, but it is difficult to discern.

the Result of the 3rd month with braces. The teeth become vertical.

The Second – that as the teeth rotate. Is also well illustrated by the example of the mandible.

Result the third month with braces.

Friends, I actually fudged a little bit to intrigue you, you'll have to forgive me. As you may recall, the previous two months were very interesting, especially first. The second month was also peculiar with additional devices, pain and discomfort. But this third month was one of boring, so to speak: no accidents, no pain, no rubbing, braces was not detached. We can say that the healing process was perfectly well.

At the Beginning of the month I took off the elastic chain, put two braces that I broke before taking to the orthodontist, I did read the report second month. And replaced the arc with ligatures. According to the work carried out so far this is the most costly month in terms of price.


  1. A Single material is alloys – 100.
  2. Activation-the process of fixing the arc in the braces ligatures – 1000 rubles.
  3. First sub arcs on the upper and lower jaws – 1000 rubles.

Total cost of all treatments for the third month was 2100 rubles.


Here's a interesting report.. That would be all the months thus passed, well, except of course the price for the work. Questions, tips, criticism and comments are welcome of course. No way!


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